Medical Massage Therapy

Massage applies structured pressure to the soft tissues of the body to achieve a beneficial response. A form of therapy, massage can be applied to specific parts of the body or to the whole body to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain and improve circulation. UnaSource Plastic Surgery and Spa offers the following massage therapies:


A treatment intended to address many soft tissue problems, techniques include stroking, kneading, friction, vibration and percussion.


This type of massage addresses problems with the fascia, the tissue that helps hold together all muscles, arteries, bones and organs. Myofascial Release manipulates the fascia surrounding muscles, releasing the adverse effects of inflammation, tension and trauma. Helps with plantar fasciitis.


Hot stone massage uses smooth, heated stones of varying sizes – usually basalt – for a deeply soothing, relaxing form of massage. The therapist uses traditional Swedish massage while holding a heated stone, and will leave heated stones in specific points along the body. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.